Mcsen adopts DevOps methodology to define roadmap for organizations and deliver new innovative applications on time by engaging right people, resource and tools into the system. Our team uses collaborative approach to address challenges faced by the organizations, ensuring success for clients through continuous planning, integration and delivery.
Our methodological approach of offering DevOps services include
1. DevOps Assessment and Consultation: Our team assess client’s ongoing DevOps process and articulates roadmap to alter and meticulously improvise the process.
2. DevOps Automation tools: Choosing right automation tool for each phase plays a pivotal role in reducing outages, potential risks and errors. We use various tools like Git, Jenkins, Bamboo, Nexus, FishEye, Docker, Crucible, JFrog Artifactory etc based on the requirement.
3. Continuous Delivery and Deployment: By stimulating reliable deployment and release pipeline, the process we continually deliver quality versions.
4. DevOps Management and Continual Improvement: We establish continual improvement framework by implementing various processes like incident management, change management, knowledge management etc. to consistently manage, reduce cost and deliver excellence.
Our certified professional team monitor, identify issues, provide expert guidance and implement refined DevOps tools and practices to help our clients foster improved operations and outcomes.